Do blondes have more fun?

I didn’t think I had a “type” of man that I went for… but after a conversation with some of the girls in work this week, I think I’ve discovered that I do. My type seems to be the “Ronan Keating” type.

We were discussing handsome famous people and I said my all time man is Ronan. Always has been. And I think he’s only got better as he’s aged. (yes, I’m aware he cheated on his wife… but it doesn’t make him any less handsome!)

No one at all agreed with me, and just thought I was weird. They threw names at me like Tom Hardy, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper… whilst I can appreciate they are good looking men and obvs wouldn’t say no if they wanted to take me out on a date, I’d still choose Ronan!

Maybe this is why I’m single? Because I’ve got a life block… and that block is Ronan! Maybe I’m holding out for him to fall in love with me? Mind you, I did meet him once… had my photo taken with him and he had to tell me after the photo was taken that I should probably let go of his jacket. Not at all embarrassing and probably not the best way to try and win a man?!

One of the girls questioned whether it’s actually a blonde thing? Do I actually just like blondes?

We googled “hot blonde men” (yes, we are that shallow) and all of my favourite famous men appeared…Gary Barlow, Paul Walker (RIP) & Jessie Pavelka… if you aren’t aware of him, I urge you to immediately google him- you wont regret it (or see the photo… one of my amazing friends paid for me to go on one his bootcamps so that I could touch him!!- I did let go this time though)

I opened Tinder and had a good swipe through, discovering that there really aren’t very many blonde guys around!! Maybe this is the problem! Maybe I need to move to Sweden, or California to find a blonde surf dude?

Why is there no app where I can put in such specifics as blonde hair?! This could solve everything!

There is however a secret version of Tinder called ‘Tinder Select’ that has been running on the lowdown for at least 6 months. It’s apparently an exclusive club for the famous and the most beautiful people only. It’s part of Tinder and you can only get on it by invitation only. People who have been selected can switch between their “normal” Tinder account with us peasants and uglies on, and their “select” account. Maybe this is where all the handsome single blonde men are?! Surely I know a Tinder insider who can get me in?!

Or I can just continue to hold out for Ronan?

Here’s a couple of mental messages to keep you going… and if anyone does happen to know any handsome single BLONDE men, send them this way!

C*******: Made a big mistake last time I went on a date, I told a little white lie. It was going really well until she asked to see the bat cave.

And this one that I literally have no idea what he’s saying. Can someone explain it to me?

J***: Wow haha. You 35 and that excited over that I can imagine your lil face wen you wer a lil girl an your music teacher gave you a go haha. Or is that y you so excited cos you never got a go haha. Sorry my bad ha.

WHAT??? It may help to know that he claims his profession is “astronaut”, his personality is “class clown”, in his ‘About me’ section, it says “if live gives you a lemon… make lemonade… and try to find someone whose life has given them vodka.” And in his ‘First date’ section, he has written “game ov chess”.

FFA4264F-BEC8-49C9-A4BA-B31115C37353.JPGMe & the very lovely Jessie Pavelka!

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