Weekend Singledoooom!

I generally don’t get “Sunday night dread” as I am very lucky in that I love my job… and I find if you’ve had a top weekend too, it makes Sunday nights even better. A glass of red and a time to be reflective on the weekend.

Weekends as a single person are a weird one… it’s literally up to you what you do. Sometimes I plan things, go away to see friends, spend time with the family… or sometimes I leave them empty and see what offers I get as the weekend gets closer. Obviously the best offer would be for some stupidly handsome man to appear on the back of a horse (actually, maybe not a horse, I’m kinda terrified of them) and whisk me away for the weekend… but that rarely happens.

This weekend, some friends asked if I fancied a nice wintery walk on Saturday. Why not?! I love a wintery walk and Saturday was lovely and sunny. The great thing about this walk was that it ended up in a pub. Well, in a few pubs actually. There wasn’t a plan of many pubs- ok there was a plan for a pub lunch, but once that Sauvignon Blanc starts flowing… it’s hard to stop. And other than returning to my sofa, my blanket and “Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway” I had nothing further planned. So we pub crawled.

There are many perks to being single and this is definitely one of them. Spontaneity. I don’t have to call anyone to let them know what I’m doing, I don’t have to check it’s ok, or to check “we” have nothing else planned. I can literally do what I want, whenever I want and I bloody love it. And it’s ok to then move on to gin – and as many gins as I like, because I helpfully had no plans on Sunday… other than trawling through the many messages I’ve received off weirdos.

I thought I’d share the weekend’s “TOP THREE”…

P*******34: Hello how are you. What brings you on here? I’d like to ask you a personal question, please don’t be offended… I have just opened a new agency & you would be perfect for it. I could help you earn up to 1500 quid per night if you are interested?xx

J**876: Your to beautiful for me to know I am just an ordinary guy xxx xxx (I think he is Spanish)

And finally this- I have no idea what any of it means and I feel like I’ve walked into a conversation half way through…

T*****: Or do you? Some people might argue with you over that. Me? I hope to any god that may or may not be out there that it is only once. Or give me a better hand of cards the next time around! Ok, if that hasn’t consigned me to the reject pile then I encourage you to read my profile. If that doesn’t put you off then you must be ever-so-slightly mad… And just the girl fo me!


#ItStartedWithASwipe @ItStartedWithASwipe

3 thoughts on “Weekend Singledoooom!

  1. Loving your blog! Does your profile say something about you believing we have one chance at life or something? Seems like two of your weird messages have been responding to something like that with the reincarnation comments! Look forward to reading more of your adventures. 🙂

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