It Started With A Swipe- the book!

So. I wrote a book. An entire book. How? When? I have no idea. It’s all very surreal…

About three years ago when my professional online dating life began, I was going on holiday and decided I’d like to read a book about online dating- something I could relate to. However I could only find two- which I bought.

They were both American. I felt like they were written by people who hadn’t ever online dated, like they were guessing what happens as they certainly weren’t anything like what I was experiencing.

Lots of my friends were constantly saying I should write down all my “funny” dating stories, however I was a little reluctant as I felt like I was merely creating entertainment for them when it’s my actual life.

However I decided I had nothing to lose and I found it pretty theraputic to write things down, even if no one else ever read it other than me. I went through stages of writing a lot, then not being bothered. Some of my pen “down time” was for 6 months (hahaha pen downtime?! Who do I think I am? I feel like authors would probably say that!)

During times when I couldn’t be bothered to sit down and write, or had no time… any dates I went on or any ridiculous messages I received, I made sure I screen shot everything on my phone for reference so that I didn’t forget anything in case I decided to carry on writing. Which clearly I always did.

I very much wear my heart on my sleeve on a day to day basis, however writing a book about myself, about emotions I’ve felt, about things that have happened to me is pretty terrifying. Putting myself out there, open for people to read is a scary thought however I’ve got this far so I thought I may as well carry on. I’ve sent the book to a few very good honest friends who I knew would tell me if it was rubbish and not to publish it. But thankfully they all told me to go for it! So here I am… going for it.

I’m not trying to be the new age Bridget Jones- it’s not written like a diary. Nor is it a dating book full of weird- yet wonderful messages I’ve received online. It’s a real life true story. About me. From the moment my love life began 20 years ago. All names and all details has been changed so that they remain anonymous but it’s all a true story.

I wanted other online daters not to feel alone in their love hate relationship with swiping whilst also letting others into this crazy world- I know it intrigues all my friends who are happily in relationships and have never “needed” to online date. So I hope it entertains everyone who reads it. I think most of my friends and especially my parents presume I am too picky or that I don’t try hard enough so I hope they and others can now really understand what it is I’ve been putting up with.

Since I finished writing the book in January, I’ve re-written and re-written it but I’ve missed writing properly- hence starting the blog in March. Time has flown since then, I can’t quite believe it’s almost been a year since I wrote “The End” in the book… and I can’t quite believe that me, Shelly Smith is even saying these words.

It’s available to buy on Kindle and Paper back on Amazon here from tomorrow:

I  decided that 13th November 2017 was a lucky date to release the book. Why? Because it’s the date that my Dad married my Step Mum…. TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO TOMORROW! If both of them finding each other, and love for a second time isn’t lucky, I don’t know what is, so I’m hoping this date brings me luck too.

If you don’t already follow me on Twitter- find me @SwipeGirl and post photos of you and the book and use #itstartedwithaswipe 🙂

If you enjoy it, please leave me a review 🙂

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Becky Perry who has done all the design for me. She’s made this process much less daunting by producing something that I’m proud to have my name on. She’s a very talented lady. I’ve already pre booked her for my WEDDING invites and for all the merchandise that I’m going to need when I hit the big time- I’m thinking caps, pencil cases, book marks… Check out her stuff at

And finally, thank you to every single person who has supported me, not just through the journey of writing the book and the blog, but also in this rocky love life road that I seem to lead. You are all amazing and I love you all.



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