Romantic or Creepy?

Whilst scrolling through endless men on Plenty of Fish, I noticed something unusual. And trust me when I say I see a lot of unusual things on there…

Rather than a photo of a guy, there was simply a picture that said “100% Missing you Claire” His headline’ said “Waiting for your call Claire x”

His ‘intent’ said: “Isn’t seeking a relationship or any kind of commitment”

His ‘profession’- “muppet” (which made me chuckle- this guy has obviously done something wrong) and in his ‘about me’ section it said “Logged out waiting for your call Claire xx SORRY xx”

Oh dear… seems D***** has screwed up. Claire has obviously blocked him on other means on communication so he’s using a dating site to try and win her back?! Living in hope she will see it?

At first I thought it was quite romantic. It’s like the new age thing of putting a banner up on a roundabout. If I saw that on a dating site with my name on, would I find it romantic? Or would I find it terrifying?! I guess it depends what he’d done… if he’s having to use a dating site to contact her, my gut tells me there’s a reason he has no other way of contacting her. But maybe that’s just the cynic in me!

Now I’m no expert and I have no idea what’s right and what’s wrong to write on dating sites- mine obviously isn’t working- but some of the things that guys write in their “about me” that has properly tickled me. And as I like sharing, I thought I’d enlighten you even further into this crazy online dating world.

Here are some actual things guys have written:

  • Tired of going to weddings without a plus one! If you like what you see. Message me.
  • Hi I am ****, I am giving this ago as been single 2 years after getting cheated on just hope your not all like that . Anyway not going to go on if you want to know more message me
  • The hardest part about all this is having to tell my life story like it’s a coherent narrative I endorse. 6″1, because size is important. I know the difference between THEIR, THERE, and THEY’RE. I’ve also got a tattoo, because obviously I’m a badass.
  • Don’t believe in this bit – better for people to find out naturally rather than you describing yourself to be something which is just your own opinion of yourself and not necessarily accurate or even true for that matter.
  • Hey I’m just amazing….don’t bother me if you’re not. You see it’s just hilarious. It’s come down to this! Ps if I don’t reply I’m not interested!
  • I’m half Italian half Irish but full male I’d say I’m a real guy with old fashioned values and family orientated not one of these mirror boys quite the opposite the only time I look in a mirror is to brush my teeth check I’m dressed properly or when I’m cleaning it with a duster with some Mr sheen lol.
  • Will fill this is later as I am not sure I will stay on this site.
  • I could bang on about how i’m mr nice guy and captain fantastic but if you don’t like what you see then words are wasted…If you like what you see…Catch me if you can? 😉 Batman and football are my passion.
  • I joined POF because Rihanna is not responding to my marriage proposals. I’m hoping to meet someone on here to make her jealous. Preferably someone intelligent and talkative, who likes animals.
  • In the search of a lady that’s half normal with no serious issues
  • I am ambitious and I work hard. I enjoy spending time with my dog and my family. I’m also a vegetarian, if that matters.
  • I am looking for mrs right maybe you are the one had my heart broken too often.

So there you go. That is a complete random collection of things guys think is important- that’ll catch their perfect lady’s eye.

However because I’m not totally all about knocking the men on dating sites… I’m going to share what I have in my ‘about me’ section:

Likes: sunsets, sunrises, the coast, the great outdoors, long walks, running, yoga, red wine, gin, randomness, Haribo, biscuits, cake & broccoli.

Dislikes: time wasters & weirdos.


That’s all they need to know… right?!

This man below however is my perfect kind of man. No ‘about me’ needed. I know he’s yummy, smiley, lovely, dresses well, enjoyable and is definitely not a waste of time 😉


2 thoughts on “Romantic or Creepy?

  1. Ahh, I like this guy! ” I know the difference between THEIR, THERE, and THEY’RE. I’ve also got a tattoo, because obviously I’m a badass. He’s funny and sarcastic (I think) ?!


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