Love is Evolving!

Evolve. That’s the name of a new app. However… it’s not a dating app. It’s the world’s first “DRM”- Dating and Relationship Manager.

You basically put in details of your dates. You can add a photo of the person you’re dating, their name, age, whether you’re attracted to them, whether there’s any chemistry. You can rate the date from 1-10, tick whether you’re glad you went or not. Add in any pros or cons about them like: good sense of humour, adventurous, shared values, insecure, baggage, sketchy, flaky…

You add which site or app you met them on. If you go on more than one date with someone, you can add details of how each date went, where you went, how you rate that place as a dating venue. The ace thing about rating the venue is that you can look up other places near by and see where other “daters” would recommend as a good place for a date!

You then rate the person- rating whether they had good looks, good clothes, whether you were excited, how compatible you think you both are and there’s also the option to put how the date ended if you wish- it gives you 4 possible emojis to use: 💬💋🔥🙊 which apparently stand for words, kiss, more and not telling!!

The other hilarious thing about this app is, you also categorise the “people” you’re dating. You can have them in a “current” folder, but you can also put them in a “past” folder. There’s also the option of putting them under “relationship potential”, “figuring it out” or “just having fun” and you can add notes about them in case you forget what job they do etc.

Now, I guess this is useful for people who are serial daters, who go on loads and loads of dates as you can work out who to bin off, who to give another date… it helps you remember which ones you enjoyed the most… I mean… I OBVIOUSLY am that kind of person, I cannot move for dates right now, I am fighting them off. Queues at my door. My Evole app is almost too full of options for me it’s about to close down… (ok it currently only has one man’s statistics in but I’m more than sure sure that in like a week or so it’ll be FULL. Yes)

It works out patterns and insights for you- you may show patterns of the age you usually go for, the ages that don’t work for you, what characteristics you go for and which you probably shouldn’t as it never ends well. Which sites work for you and which don’t.

The thing I actually find it fascinating for is it gives you interesting facts and statistics about dating (yes I’ve become THAT boring)

Apparently, people of my age and similar interests are currently finding their first dates on Bumble, followed by Tinder, then “out and about” (that never happens for me), then “through a friend” (that has happened for me however always ends awkwardly) and then through Happn. However the most successful dates i.e. ones that turn into at least a 3rd date are ones that are through a friend!

Hmmmmm…… anyone else I know who hasn’t already tried to set me up with a single mate got one to offer? But FYI, they need to be 35+ because apparently that’s the age range for the most successful “people like me” to date, oh and looks are important too it seems- and ones with zero baggage.

When you fill in date info, it gives you “tips” (I wouldn’t call them tips, I’d call them more dating facts) Like on average, singles go exclusive after 6 dates which for many falls in line with the 1-2 month mark. Also 41% of people decide within 2-3 minutes of a first date whether they want a second. I am definitely one of those 41%. I’ve had moments where I’ve known within 10 seconds and wanted to run! And apparently, chatting longer than 17 days before meeting face-to-face can lead to major disappointments- the app encourages you meet much earlier. Again something I can 100% relate to!!!! There are about 3 million first dates every day on the whole world. One out of 10 users are only on dating sites to scam others. And one out of 10 users deletes their profile within 3 months.

I guess if you’re a busy dater, it’s a great way to keep track… but for me, it may just be taking up unnecessary space on my phone…

Here’s a “mental message” for you…

D****: Are you my appendix? Because this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out. Hi, I’m D****.x





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