Happy Campers!

I’ve just returned from Kendal Calling- a festival… in Kendal in the Lakes.

It was a very silly weekend full of mud, laughs, cider and music. Lots and lots of fun.

I went with 2 couples. Before I went, lots of people thought it was weird I was going with couples… however when you’re single and you want to do things… you either do them alone- which I actually do tend to do a lot- but festivals are better with a crowd of people so why not!

Although the people I went with aren’t overly “coupley”, I was constantly aware that I’m single. From popping up my tent for one, my own snack selection, my own collection of cider and blowing up my single mattress… I couldn’t be more single if I tried.

However it got me thinking and all of the things I’ve listed above… turns out I was super thankful that they were all “things for one”

Sharing a tent with a smelly boy?! No thanks… and don’t even get me started on sharing a blow up bed! I struggle sharing an actual bed, never mind one that is full of air that you get thrown about on every time the other person moves. Ok, I have to crawl into my small tent that has no porch so when it rains I have to shut myself in away from everyone to avoid getting soaked, but it’s ok! All my snacks were in there and I don’t have to share those Soreen bars, Belvita biscuits or foamy bananas with anyone (I did offer them out to my mates and no one wanted any- weirdos)

It was a very muddy affair and there were times when it was tricky to walk- my girl mates have lovely chivalrous other halves who help them through it, however I just powered on through that treacle underfoot! I didn’t need a man to help me! (I had a proper girl power moment)

The other thing that happens when you are single and out with couples is, they try to constantly find you a man. It’s either the old trick of finding a group of boys who look like they’re having fun and ask for a photo of them… and then say “Shelly, get in the photo” or they literally deliver guys to me. The festival we were at had a secret forest area with a silent disco. Was probably my favourite part of the weekend (other than singing at the top of my lungs to the Stereophonics) there I was happily dancing away having the time of my life listening to PJ and Duncan’s ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble’ when one of the girls comes over with a guy and says “Shelly meet Paul. He’s single. And Scottish” and then walks off. Leaving me awkwardly with Single Scottish Paul… trying to have a conversation with someone who has headphones on is really not ideal. I tried to make it not obvious that I was preferring to listen to PJ & Duncan –however the guy slowly side stepped away from me and my outburst of “freakin’ it, sweatin’ it, bustin’ the mic, slammin’ it, jammin’ it, do what you like!!”

This is probably why I’m single….

I don’t think I’d ever go properly camping on my own… especially not after watching ‘Wild’- a film with Reece Witherspoon which was recommended to me and I watched it on the plane on my way to Bali for 16 days on my own which really wasn’t ideal… however I think being single at a festival is 100% the way forward! I win.

Sadly I had no phone reception in Kendal to open any apps to see what fun loving single men were surrounding me in the fields!!

However, here’s one of my recent “mental messages”:

W****: What mountain you up there?

I should point out that one of my current profile photos is of me up Snowdon.

3 hours later as I hadn’t replied…

W***: Im doing the 3 peak challenge for charity and I was wonder in what mountain it was. It wasn’t a come on your not my type.

I mean… firstly I hadn’t checked the app for 3 hours so hadn’t even had chance to read the first message. But secondly “wonder in”??? and “your”???? Don’t get me started.

1 minute later…

W****: But some people are just born ignorant

So there you have it. A perfect example of the crazies that online dating brings out.

Here is a photo of me… with some “fun” boys… that my friend gathered for me to have a photo with this weekend… classy.




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