Plus One?

A week ago, I was lying on my sofa trying to deal with the worst hangover I’d had for a VERY long time… whilst also trying to remember exactly what had happened the night before. The hangover dread. THE BEER FEAR!

Last Friday, my best friend got married. It was the most perfect day- starting with pink fizz, hair rollers and lip gloss… THE dress moment, a lovely church service, photos in the woods (where their dog joined us!!!) and then onto a brilliant party in the perfect venue. There were shots, personalised cocktails, karaoke, lots of dancing- basically it was a lot of fun and a day filled with love.

Now, I’ve become quite a pro at being single at a wedding. Lots of people feel sorry for me that I have no plus one to bring, but do you know what… the day I do actually get a boyfriend and have to take him with me… I won’t know what to do with myself… or him!

I LOVE a good wedding. I generally always follow the same pattern… be overly emotionally happy for the bride and groom and spend the day with goose pimples and the odd tear, eat the lovely wedding breakfast food, chat to people, drink red wine (always a tactic I take because generally it’s the one that people don’t drink!), refuse coffee when actually I should probably say yes, take off my shoes by 7pm, lose my bag by 8pm, lose my shoes by 8.15pm, dance like a maniac til it’s time to go home then hope that someone will find my bag and my shoes.

I honestly can only see the positive side of being single at weddings. There are SO many good things about it.

Getting a hotel room on your own can be expensive yes… however it’s your own space. No one else’s. If you need to go have a word with yourself mid wedding because you’ve drank too much- you can without having to ask someone for the key. You can store snacks in your room for mid wedding hunger. You can sneak off to bed whenever you like without anyone noticing because it’s just you leaving. You don’t have to deal with anyone else’s drunken ways. In the morning, it’s your choice whether you want to hide from your previous night’s wedding antics or whether you want to go and join everyone for breakfast. It’s just you, and no one else to consider! WIN.

The other bonus about being single at weddings is that people DO feel sorry for you. Especially friend’s boyfriends and husbands. They feel like they should do the chivalrous thing and look after you and buy you drinks. So I often end up spending very little at weddings as people think “poor single shelly… she could do with a drink” when actually it’s usually the opposite.

I never find myself without anyone to dance with either- mainly during the romantic slow songs. There’s always a Nana or an Aunty- or even a Grandad who is up for a dance. And there’s the friends whose husbands “don’t do dancing” so I have them as romantic side steppers. Plus I find weddings are a “free for all” everyone is there for the same reason- to celebrate the love and marriage of the same two people so you can pretty much always find a dance partner to any song!

The main greatest thing is… I only have me to worry about. I don’t have to keep checking that my other half is ok/not too drunk/embarrassing himself or myself, I don’t have to leave because he wants to leave… I do what I want, when I want and with whoever I want! And that’s what makes weddings great!!!!

Can someone else hurry up and get married please… I’ve got no more this year! Thanks! (oh and also thanks to those friends last Friday who did end up searching for my bag shoes for me! Much appreciated!!)

Today’s mental message is this:

K****: How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough the break the ice. I know that’s a pretty bad opener but what’s the worse you’ve heard on here? Lol x

 Oh dear. That’s like talking to my dad.


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