What’s your name and where d’ya come from?

There’s ANOTHER new dating app out. It’s called Appetence.

According to the dictionary, the definition of Appetence is:

  1. intense desire; strong natural craving; appetite.
  2. instinctive inclination or natural tendency.
  3. material or chemical attraction or affinity.

I’m not sure if they are trying to be too clever with the name of it, however, it’s designed to slow things down in the world of online dating. I have become so used to flicking through and swiping so fast that I don’t really have time to take in everything about a guy. I literally judge them off one photo. If I don’t instantly like something, I move onto the next.

This new app doesn’t allow that. Mainly because you don’t get to see a photo of the person to begin with! I know, absolute MADNESS!

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you have to tick things about yourself- like interests & tastes. Then the algorithm in the app shows you compatible profiles based on what your interests are.

Instead of seeing a photo of people who are with similar likes to you, the app shows you a pattern. A jumbled up pattern.

They are trying to encourage people to be “seduced” with words rather than photos.

You then have to chat to someone to start the reveal of who they are. 100 messages have to be exchanged between you both (and that’s 50 each) and you can’t cheat by putting in one letter at time… you have to have actual conversations! You then have to “like” the other person’s message and each time you get a “like” from them, a piece of their patterned, jumbled up face will appear! It’s a little bit like Catch Phrase of the TV! Once you’ve exchanged 50 messages each, their full photo is revealed.

I guess it’s also a little bit like going on a blind date? But without having to leave your house?! I went on a proper old school blind date about 10 years ago. It was with a friend of a friend- my mate set me up with one of her workmate’s mates! It was pretty terrifying. All I knew was that he’d be waiting outside the bar we’d planned to meet at and he had brown hair. I decided to have some wine beforehand for dutch courage. Seemed I accidentally had too much because I tripped up just at the point of meeting him and the contents of my bag went EVERYWHERE! I then continued to drink wine throughout the date… whilst he drank water. He decided that we weren’t meant to be together, which was totally fine by me because I had decided he had a bad side profile and he forever became known as “the boy with the bad side profile”.

We live in such a fast paced world, will anyone actually sit, chat and spend the time talking to someone that they have no idea what they look like and if they are attracted to them. It’s a big risk and potential waste of time! Sadly, and I’m as guilty as the next person, we are all (ok, maybe not all) superficial and shallow- we base things on looks so I’m not sure how well it’ll take off. Plus, surely 100 messages means you’ll end up knowing quite a lot about that person, so if you were interested once the big reveal was released… what would be left to talk about when you met up?! I prefer not to waste too much time chatting, as I don’t think you can ever gauge real life chemistry until you actually meet someone?

I’m up for trying new things though so I’ve decided to download it- it’s free- so why not?! Sadly… it seems there’s no one else using it yet.

Appentence- Let’s fall in Love. Love is all you need. Shut up and Kiss Me.

IMG_0733 copy

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