One Love ❤️

I haven’t written a blog for a few weeks. It hasn’t felt appropriate with awful terror attacks that happened in my beautiful home town of Manchester, and then in London. So I’ll keep this short.

My nonsense chat about my dating life has felt very insignificant and really not important at times like this.

It’s been more important to spend time with family and friends. Hug the people who need hugs. Sit & cry with those who want to sit & cry. Tell those I love, that I love them. 

The sense of community in Manchester has been something I’ve never experienced before. Us “Mancs” have always been a welcoming friendly bunch, but in the last few weeks… it feels different. Walking around the city centre, everyone smiles at everyone, cars stop for pedestrians, strangers talk to each other in bus stops… it’s such a lovely sense of togetherness. 

It’s made me realise more than ever that life is precious & we should enjoy every moment. Spend time with people who make you happy, go & see the things you want to see, travel the world, drink the gin & not worry about the hangover…! 

Normal blogging will resume very soon… but for now, Choose Love & continue to Stand Together & Stay Strong ❤️

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