Table for One?

Being single and living on your own is a funny old thing when it comes to food.

Everyone in the office on Friday was discussing what they were having for tea. It’s very rare that I know what I’m having as I wouldn’t really call myself a “foodie” so I’m never that bothered about what I have, just long as I have something. I’m ever so easy… really quite low maintenance I’d say!

I asked for inspiration- I guess like the conversation most of you would have with your other halves? “What do you fancy for tea?” The main problem with everything that was suggested to me was that they weren’t really meals for one. The other main problem is that I don’t have a freezer.

So yes, I could cook a chilli. Or a curry. Or a lasagne. But I’d have to eat it 4 days in a row. The biggest concern from everyone was that I couldn’t have fish fingers, chips… or peas?! NIGHTMARE! After living with no freezer for 3 years, you kind of forget that freezer food is a thing… and then it was in my head, and I 100% wanted to have fish fingers, chips and peas! AGH!

I do enjoy cooking, don’t get me wrong. If I have mates over for dinner, I go for it. But with the rule that they have to eat it all. Me and left overs don’t work. I love the pleasure of seeing people enjoy what I’ve spent time cooking. When living on your own, you don’t get any of that. So I feel like it’s a bit pointless, unless I want to sound completely mental to my neighbours and have a constant conversation with myself about how tasty it is. (I’m not gonna lie though, there is the odd occasion where I do push the boat out on my own and actually cook… whenever I do this, I take a photo and send it to my sister so that I at least get some kind of praise for my efforts- isn’t she lucky!)

However I’m not being all “woe is me”. No no. It’s actually bloody brilliant. I don’t have to go with pizza because that’s what my other half wants. I can have whatever I fancy (within freezer reason) and I can eat it at whatever point of the evening I want. It’s great! I can even just have cereal if I fancy it. And I always fancy cereal.

I also can’t be judged when eating pudding. (yes, I’m a pudding kind of girl. I blame my Dad) If I want to have an entire bar of chocolate, or an entire packet of biscuits, or an entire bag of jelly babies then no one knows!! Just me! No one saying “are you really going to have another??” Yes, yes I am.

On the other hand… being single is a great way to keep the weight off because if you’re going through a phase of trying to be good and not eat said chocolate, biscuits or sweets… there’s no temptation, no one saying “ooh I fancy a piece of chocolate, shall I go to the shop?”

I’m in a win win situation right now! No boyfriend! No freezer! Just chocolate and cereal!

I’d rather it that way if I’m honest… because here are the weekend’s “mental messages”:

P******: I’m glad you sale- I have a boat- it’s at a place called ************. Please let me know if you would like to sale somewhere warmer.

He has misunderstood that my profile says I LIVE in Sale. Not that I like to sail?! There’s a difference between SALE and SAIL! JESUS!

And also:

D*****: Hello there! Nice profile! BUT are you smarter than 99% of girls on here? What is in minutes, months, centuries and seconds but not in weeks, hours, years or days?

Does this guy really think that’s going to get a reply?! I don’t have time for maths!

(oh and because I know you’ll all be dying to know what I ended up having on Friday night… I was in Sainsburys and Butternut squash CHIPS, fresh PEAS with other fresh veg and chicken escalopes jumped out at me. And was SO good that I actually didn’t mind having it 2 nights in a row!)

FullSizeRender 133.jpg


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