How far is too far?

Yesterday and last night were “prime times” for me to be active on the dating apps because I live and work within a 6 mile radius of Manchester United’s Football ground and there was a match on. This means that a whole new pool of men would appear for me to swipe through.

Old Trafford holds 75,635 people. Most of those *probably* being men. SURELY at least one of those 75,635 men is single, on an app and “normal”.

However there is a problem with this.

The problem is me. One thing I need to get over but just can’t seem to… is distance.

People travel far and wide to watch Manchester United play… I could match with someone from Scotland! Imagine?!

When I first joined this crazy online dating world 3 years ago, I wouldn’t open my “maximum distance” to more than 6 miles. I decided that I definitely couldn’t date someone too far away. It was too much effort. How would we possibly make anything work?!

I ALMOST went on a date with someone from Widnes once- 26 whole miles away from where I live, that was a close call. An hour to go on a date?! Then that same length time every time we wanted to do something? Can’t just nip round for a brew?! Seeing each other would need planning! Then when we OBVIOUSLY fall in love and get married, we’d have the issue of “whose town do we pick?”

Complicated. No thanks.

Since then I’ve had a massive word with myself. Well, to be honest, my mates had a massive word with me. Told me I was being ridiculous. Of course I was only seeing the same people online as I only generally move within the same 6 mile radius. And an hour really isn’t that long. Some mornings it takes me an hour to drive that 6 miles from my house to work!

What do I open it to? 10 miles? 15 miles? TWENTY MILES?! Are you all mad?!

I’m currently set to 25 miles. I know, brave. I’ve got to think of that petrol!

It was a busy night for me because I’m on 5 apps (yes, FIVE- you’ve gotta be in it to win it) so I had to make sure I was giving them all equal attention. At one point I forgot that I’d moved off Bumble- an app where the girl HAS to make the first move and to look at photos, you swipe up and down- and I had moved onto Tinder. The problem with this is… on Tinder, if you swipe up, YOU SUPERLIKE SOMEONE! I “superliked” someone I wouldn’t even give a normal right swipe to! How embarrassing and I look like a right Keen Jean!

Anyway, I match with a right hottie. Stewart is his name. We match on Bumble. It tells me his location is Manchester. PHEW. There is one photo of him at a football match, one photo on a beach, one on a snowy mountain, one in a jungle, and one at a wedding. He’s nailed his photo choices. We get chatting. He’s funny. Great! “Are you from Manchester?” he asks “Yes I am. How about yourself?”… his response…

“Well my furniture resides in Melbourne. But I live in Florida however I’m rarely there. I’m off to NYC on Friday”

Soooooo I guess that’s WAY beyond my 25 mile radius then.

How far is too far to travel for love? I’m still unsure.

Friday night’s “mental message” goes to….

 M****: After looking at your picture, my pants feel like Syria- a lot of unrest. On a more serious note, just messaging to say hi and would love to hear from you.

And this is a page from The Ladybird Book of Dating which amused me and is SO true to online dating life.

FullSizeRender 132.jpg

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