Do I know you from somewhere?

As someone who has been in the online dating world now for 3 years, you start recognising people online- the same faces come round every few weeks. But also you recognise them… IN REAL LIFE… DUNNN DUNNN DERRRRRR!
Imagine! People! In real life?!

Being in a bar with mates and suddenly realising the guy next to you is “from tinder” is ever so awkward, especially if at some point you’ve chatted. You give each other the nod of “online dating acknowledgement”.

Do you know what’s even more awkward? When there’s a client in work and you recognise them, but you can’t work out if you recognise them because they’ve been in before or if it’s off a dating app and if this is the case, it could be very embarrassing! After 3 years, it’s hard to remember life and people before online dating!

Happn is an app I use… the way this works is if you literally cross paths with a “single man” (you can only hope they are single) he will come up on the app. You can see exactly where you walked past him. Pretty creepy, right?! I generally take the same routes every day, I drive to work, I go to the gym across the road from work, I drive home. So generally I see the same guys pop up every day on the app but I rarely spot them in real life. Until…… you’re in the gym, on a treadmill, you notice a guy look at you with THAT look. That “you’re off Happn/another app aren’t you”, it’s a slight smirk, I instantly know it. And I want a big hole to open and swallow me up- unless of course he’s drop dead gorgeous, but sadly so far that’s never been the case. The hilarious thing is to then watch them casually go somewhere out of my view that’s really not out of my view… open up the app, look at me, look at the app, look at me again and then do another smirk clearly because he’s pleased he worked out where he knows me from. It’s not cool and is not going to bag you a date.

Today however I decided to take my “jog” outside… with the Happn app running in the background on my phone, living in hope that I ran past the man of my dreams… that he saw my sweaty red face and instantly fell in love and clicked the little heart button next to my face on the app… only time will tell! And if nothing else, it was lovely and sunny and I took a nice photo.

Messages of the day go to:

L**********: I wouldn’t kick you out of bed for farting!x

 Gross. It’s also worth mentioning that in his list of “favourite activites” is sex, drugs, alcohol and gambling. What a nice chap.


M*******: Well hello there my fellow hot Manchester friend! How are you? What are you up to tonight? Anything fun?

Sadly I can’t give his username away but it suggest he’s equally as gross as the guy above. And his profile photo is pretty much him naked. What a guy…

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